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Step into our coastal fish restaurant, a true culinary gem with a legacy dating back to 1980. Nestled along the picturesque shoreline, we have been serving exquisite seafood that captures the essence of the sea for over four decades. Join us on a journey of flavors and traditions that have stood the test of time, as we continue to craft dining experiences at the water's edge.

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The culinary journey like no other at Porat restaurant, where our team's expertise in hunting fresh fish ensures every bite is a sea delight.

at our restaurant as we enchant you with live piano music every night. Our culinary experience is complemented by the melodies that resonate through the air, creating an ambiance of elegance and relaxation. Join us for an unforgettable evening where delectable flavors and enchanting music intertwine to create an atmosphere of pure delight.


Hotel Porat 

luxury coastal living at Porat Hotel, where every room offers breathtaking views of the sea from terraces. take a look and book your stay for exclusive access to our seaside retreat, where tranquility meets unparalleled hospitality.

Porat Novi Every Bite Comes with a Sea Breeze.

Our commitment to providing the finest, freshest seafood remains unwavering, and now you have two exceptional locations to choose from, we've always believed in giving our cherished customers more of what they love. That's why we've expanded to offer you a stunning, sea-side dining experience with the same beloved fish specialties you've come to adore.


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